In the beginning, there was a scream.
“Deniiiiis!!!!!!! HELL!!! Water is not flowing and my head is in shampoo!!!!!”.
Scream of my lovely wife that dragged me out of lazy internet surfing in fall 2019 and threw me into the whirlwind of the invention and small-scale production.
First of all, I had to dive in and find out the root of the problem.
There are six people in our house. The average temperature here the whole year is a little below 30.
Almost every action followed by going outdoors makes it necessary to take a shower afterward. These are the specifics of living in an Asian tropical climate.
Together with domestic water usage (bathrooms, dishwasher, washing machine, etc.), not even taking gardening into consideration, you will use roughly 1 cubic meter a day.
My water tank is 2 cubic meters, so if there is no water feed for 2 or more days I run out of water., then….. See the beginning of the article :-)