If you have decided to connect the booster box yourself you will need the following:
Patience, attentiveness, and roughly one hour of free time

Measure tape and pencil

PVC pipe (or flexible water hose) of appropriate length and diameter
The pipe length depends on the booster location: the further away the booster box is located from the feed, the longer pipe you will need Saw or hacksaw to cut the pipe or construction knife if you chose flexible hose connection

Angle irons to connect the booster to the feed pipe
Cement glue for PVC pipes and brush for application
If you chose flexible hose connection you will need ½” adapters, flexible hose, pipe clamps

Electric drill, 10mm drill, 16mm wrench, to install the sensor in the storage tank

If you don’t have a spare 220v outlet near the desirable location zone it will be necessary to make one