Water Booster Box

Booster box keeps your water tank full

Our device will help to constantly maintain your water tank full at all time.

Featuring the modern microcontroller, the system monitors the water level and adjusts it automatically.

*-2020฿ discount & free installation valid until 31/12/2020 or for the first 100 devices sold under that promotion

High-performance microcontroller

High-performance 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller (ATmega328P) monitors the sensors’ reading 24/7 and adjusts the water level if necessary

Compact but powerful water pump

Despite of compact proportions, the pump in our device is powerful enough to pump the water to a height up to 5 meters


Stainless steel sensors

We use eco-friendly sensors made out of food-grade stainless steel



We provide essential maintenance to all customers!


Install the booster box – fill your tank without a queue

Using the advanced technical design, the booster box will fill up even with the small pressure in the feed system.
Once filled up the booster box will automatically transfer the water to your tank until it is fully filled. Therefore, you will be among the first to get the fully filled water tank.

Zero resistance water valve

We specifically use zero resistance valve in our device to ensure that the tank would be filled even with the very little pressure in the feed system

by-pass system

If there is enough pressure in the feed system to fill up the water tank, the integrated by-pass system will establish the water transfer process in “bridge” mode, saving money on electricity usage.

Bright and colorful LED indicators

Regardless of weather outdoors, indicators’ brightness would be always enough to show the booster box status.

Buy the booster box once – start saving on the water delivery from the first day

With our device, you are not only constantly maintaining your water tank full but also save money on regular water truck delivery service.

No maintenance required

The device is simple and reliable. It does not require maintenance throughout its working cycle.


Save power

Even when active the booster box needs less than 12 watts. In standby mode, it needs even less than 3 watts.


1-year warranty

We sell our device with a one-year warranty on all electronic and mechanical parts. Warranty does not cover intentional or incidental mechanical shock or damage.






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The booster box is developed by team of European engineers and manufactured in Thailand under their constant supervision

Why should I buy this device?2020-10-22T20:31:56+00:00

It will ensure a constantly full water storage tank, and as a result convenient and comfortable living for your family.
Additionally, you will spend less money on water truck delivery.

Why do I need this device if I have the pump already?2020-10-22T19:34:48+00:00

Pump is designed to transfer water from the tank into the house under pressure. If there is no water in the tank there will be nothing to pump into your house.

That’s why we designed the booster box to keep the storage tank filled.

Lately, the pressure in the municipal feed system is not constant.

There are times when the pressure drops or disappears for a day or two.

Insufficient pressure doesn’t let the storage tank to get filled. If this situation carries on for a few days the water level in the storage tank will be dropping and eventually you will have to call a water truck.

Of course, you can fill the tank with buckets, although we do not find this idea delightful.

Whom should I contact if I have any questions regarding the installation?2020-10-22T19:45:47+00:00

Contact us by telephone on the website, or 082-219-7110 in case of an emergency, and we will find how to assist you.

Where does device should be installed?2020-10-22T19:42:06+00:00

The ideal place for installation is nearby the pump, since:

  • Feed pipe which goes into the storage tank is nearby
  • The main water storage tank, in which we will later install the sensor, is nearby
  • 220V outlet is nearby too

If you can’t combine all three conditions in one location, then choose the right spot based on proximity to the feed pipe and outlet. The sensor can always be connected with a longer cable.

What would I need to install the booster?2020-10-22T19:43:43+00:00

If you have decided to connect the booster box yourself you will need the following:
Patience, attentiveness, and roughly one hour of free time

Measure tape and pencil

PVC pipe (or flexible water hose) of appropriate length and diameter
The pipe length depends on the booster location: the further away the booster box is located from the feed, the longer pipe you will need Saw or hacksaw to cut the pipe or construction knife if you chose flexible hose connection

Angle irons to connect the booster to the feed pipe
Cement glue for PVC pipes and brush for application
If you chose flexible hose connection you will need ½” adapters, flexible hose, pipe clamps

Electric drill, 10mm drill, 16mm wrench, to install the sensor in the storage tank

If you don’t have a spare 220v outlet near the desirable location zone it will be necessary to make one

What should I do if the device got broken? Whom should I contact if I have problems with device? What should I do if device doesn’t work?2020-10-22T19:47:18+00:00

We provide one year warranty for the device since the moment it is installed. If during this period the device will get malfunctioned due to our fault we will replace it for free. Contact us by telephone on the website, or 082-219-7110 in case of an emergency, and we will send a technician to replace the device.

There is a pump inside the device. Does it mean I will have to pay more for electricity?2020-10-22T19:38:07+00:00

Booster box consumes little more than 20 watt when working, and less than 3 watt when in stand-by mode. In average, it matches consumption of a single energy-saving light bulb. You won’t notice the increase of your monthly electric bill.

I live in apartments, will your device help me?2020-10-22T19:36:32+00:00

Unlike the village with private houses, apartments building have a centralized water distribution system. Simply put, you don’t have a storage tank that our booster box would be able to fill. However, if you have regular water shortages in your apartment building you can introduce us to the management company, and we will work on the solution.

I have specific water storage tank/water feed system. Would you be able to make the device for my specific needs?2020-10-22T19:38:52+00:00

We would be glad to help you. Please, contact us, and we will send our specialist to do the survey.

I do not live in Pattaya. Do you ship the device to other provinces?2020-10-22T19:40:28+00:00

We are developing the network of authorized installation centers all over Thailand, however, if your province still misses one, we can send you the device by post (shipping cost is covered by the buyer). We are glad to assist the person, who would be installing the device, by telephone.

I am interested, how do I buy your device?2020-10-22T19:39:36+00:00

Leave us request any following way you like: by telephone, via Facebook, Line, Viber, WhatsApp. Our manager will arrange time and date of installation with you. After the installation is complete you can pay directly to our workers with cash or transfer money online to our bank account.

How long does it take to install the device?2020-10-22T19:44:34+00:00

It depends on how accessible the water feed pipe and outlet are. If they both are accessible the installation will take around an hour. The most time-consuming part of the process will be gluing PVC pipes together.

How does it work2020-10-22T19:31:40+00:00

Booster box is the device that fills your tank even when the pressure in the water feed system is low. Technically, the booster box is the transfer storage tank with a pump and computerized interface.
Due to its small size and design, the booster box can be filled even when the pressure in the feed system is low, and transfer water into the main storage tank using the pump. The system monitors the water level in the tank and automatically controls the water pump operation.

Does it mean I will never have to order water truck again? I will always have water in my tank?2020-10-22T19:37:29+00:00

If there are no lengthy water shortages, then yes, your water tank will be always full. If the water won’t be distributed for more than 2-4 days, then, unfortunately, your storage tank will get empty. If there is no water in the feed system it means there is nothing for our booster box to transfer into the storage tank.

Luckily such long shortages are rather an exception than a rule.

Can I return money back if I am not satisfied?2020-10-22T19:47:58+00:00

During 14 days since the device was installed, we will take back the booster box, restore the water feed, and return you back the money in case you are not satisfied.

Can I install the device myself?2020-10-22T19:41:13+00:00

You can install and connect the booster yourself if you know how to work with PVC pipes and electric wires.

This job can be done by any qualified plumber.



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